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Transactions from $20 million to $250+ million

20+ years

Delivering value for our clients for 20+ years

$6+ billion

Hundreds of businesses worth over $6 billion sold by our bankers

Our Services

Comprehensive Investment Banking Solutions

We’ll partner with you to:

  • Help you confirm your short-term and long-term goals
  • Craft a transaction strategy to achieve those goals
  • Apply our disciplined process so you can continue to focus on your business
  • Create a competitive environment among buyers to generate strong offers

With our broad network and deep relationships with leading institutional sources of capital, we’ll work with you to:

  • Align your immediate and long-term corporate objectives with your financial strategy
  • Identify high potential sources of capital whose approaches and philosophies complement your business
  • Create a competitive environment among investors to minimize dilution
  • Advise on the often complex structures associated with capital raise transactions

We provide retained or project-based financial advisory and business consulting services to privately-held companies seeking:

  • Fairness opinions
  • Valuations
  • Strategic counsel, including preparation for sale

About Us

The Most Important Transaction of Your Life

We are a FINRA-registered middle market investment bank for business owners, dedicated to helping you sell your business for what it’s truly worth, and achieving other important goals for your family, employees, and community.

Our mission is to ensure a robust sales process that rewards your hard work and places your business in capable hands as you transition to the next phase of your life.

As former business owners and sellers, we understand the path you’re on. With firsthand experience and expert knowledge, we can guide you in protecting your business’s value and ensuring a smooth transition. 

We recognize that our engagements often represent one of the most significant events in our clients’ lives. Thus, we treat every engagement with attention, care and professionalism. Westbury coordinates our client’s team of financial, tax, legal, trust and estate and accounting advisors to achieve the client’s objectives.

Areas Of Expertise

Sectors We Serve

Westbury is a generalist firm, handling engagements in a variety of industries. We have particular expertise in the following sectors.

Technology/ Media/ Telecom

Westbury covers the Technology/Media/Telecom (TMT) sector, including Internet and digital media, IT services, social media, software, and telecom.

Aerospace & Defense / Government Services

Westbury covers the Aerospace & Defense / Government Services sector, including aerospace, defense, and government services.


Westbury covers the Healthcare sector, including healthcare services, diagnostic products, and capital equipment used for pharmaceutical manufacturing and life sciences research.

Energy / Oil & Gas, Clean Text & Renewables

Westbury covers the Energy sector, including Oil & Gas (oilfield services & technology) and also Clean Tech & Renewables (solar, wind, geothermal, energy efficiency, green transportation, natural gas and bio-fuels, water and waste, and environmental services).

Consumer, Food & Retail

Westbury has deep expertise in the Consumer, Food & Retail sectors, including transactions in e-commerce, brick and mortar retail, and the food and beverage sectors.

Advanced Manufacturing

Westbury covers the Advanced Manufacturing sector, including diversified industrials, electrical and electronic components, flow control, industrial equipment, and measurement and control.

Transportation & Logistics

Westbury focuses on all aspects of the Transportation & Logistics sector, including 3rd Party Logistics, Maritime, Rail, and Trucking.


Current Transactions

M&A Sellside

Sector: Construction

Location: Southwest

ID: 1939

2023 Rev $77.1M EBITDA $4.4M 2024 P Rev $77.8M P EBITDA $4.4M

Cactus provides construction-related services for building all types of residential homes. It operates in two states, has approximately 400 employees, and utilizes around 200 subcontractors. It has operated for more than 30 years with the same owner.

M&A Sellside

Sector: Healthcare Services

Location: West

ID: 1878

5/24 TTM Rev: $35M 5/24 TTM EBITDA: $18M

Highly profitable, physician-owned chain of pain management and surgery centers. Focused on the personal injury sector. Operates 6+ state-of-the-art facilities with in-house surgical centers. ~10% annual top line growth. 100% private pay, with well-dispersed revenue distribution among 10+ physicians.

$170M Capital Raise

Sector: Logistics

Location: South

ID: 2048

2024P Rev $630M 2024P Adj. EBITDA

Market leader in its niche operating in US and Mexico. Capital restructuring and opportunistic acquisition funding. Combination junior debt and senior equity with significant non-majority stake.

M&A Sellside

Sector: Life Sciences

Location: Europe

ID: 2036

2024F Rev: €1.6M 2025F Rev: €4.3M

World’s leading commercial technology for measuring telomere length and telomerase. A CLIA-certified analytical laboratory with proprietary capabilities for measuring the viability of stem cells, early detection of cancer, and cellular senescence and longevity. Prostate cancer diagnostic test authorized across the EU. Approval in US expected in 2024. One of only a handful of CLIA labs in Europe. Blue chip customer base includes pharmas, CROs, major global diagnostic firms, hospitals, and longevity clinics.

$200M Capital Raise

Sector: Infrastructure

Location: US/Europe

ID: 2008

Projected IRR of 15.6%

Highly experienced aviation group offering infrastructure investment in fleet of ten converted Boeing 777-300ER aircraft coming off lease from the passenger airlines. Once converted, the fleet will be leased to cargo airlines around the world. High demand for highly fuel-efficient, more emission-friendly freight aircraft to support growing global airfreight markets. Investment provides current yield and long-term asset value creation.

$160M Capital Raise

Sector: Renewable Energy

Location: Midwest

ID: 2032

Projected 13% CAGR for both African and South

World-class experienced developer of large-scale solar projects combined with top tier management team experienced in international energy development projects. Signed MOU to develop > 1,000 MW in North Africa. Five advanced stage projects in Africa (up to 686 MW). One advanced stage project in Brazil (up to 200 MW).

$20 MM Capital Raise

Sector: Technology

Location: South

ID: 2012

Generating revenue. Agreements with important channel partners support customer acquisitions.

Spin-out from well-established cybersecurity consulting firm. Has developed a cybersecurity intelligence platform together with industry-leading partners. Provides a full range of managed cybersecurity and compliance services targeting sophisticated SMEs (100 – 2,000 employees) operating in regulated and supply chain integrity environments. Use of proceeds will support organic growth and complete several strategic acquisitions.

Our Process

Our Highly Disciplined Process Drives Positive Results

Westbury works to make sure that each and every engagement is successful.

Due Diligence

Capital Structure

Marketing Preparation

Teaser & Memorandum
Identify Investors


Information to Investors
Respond to Questions
Indications of Interest


Meet with Finalists
Review & Approval

Deal Preparation

Investor Due Diligence
Negotiate Purchase Agreement
Final Approval


Post Closing


Recently Completed Engagements

A leading SAAS platform for the Maritime transportation industry, has been acquired by

Westbury Group served as exclusive financial advisor to Q88 LLC.


Westbury Group LLC acted as exclusive financial advisor to Body Sculpt Intl, LLC.


Westbury Group served as exclusive financial advisor to Heartland Water Technology

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International Reach

Our Trusted Partners

In its engagements, Westbury regularly pursues global cross-border buyers, investors and sellers. To boost its global reach, Westbury is a member of the International Corporate Finance Group, a consortium of investment banking boutiques similar to Westbury operating in 20+ offices located in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and South America. Our partnership with ICFG’s affiliate firms provides local presence and knowledge around the globe.