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Deal type ID Sector Description Location Comment Key data
Capital Raise Equity 1573 Healthcare Exosome Diagnostics for Preterm Birth/Project Preview South Central Commercialization of novel maternal fetal medicine exosome platform. First-in-kind test predicts risk of premature birth as early as week 10. Uses simple blood draws obtained during standard checkup. Key partnerships with ThermoFisher, NIH, IU, and $12.5M already invested.
Capital Raise Equity 1676 Healthcare Food Supplement Manufacturer/Project Super Northeast Contract OTC drug manufacturing and patent-protected superoxide dismutase-related supplements. FDA approval not req. $200M 2019 Rev. $40M 2019 EBITDA
Capital Raise Debt 1717 Technology / Media / Telecom Telecommunications Software Developer/Project LaSalle Midwest Company embeds software on phones to provide useful information about callers and to block spam. Partnered with Qualcomm
Capital Raise Equity 1704 Healthcare Cancer Immunotherapy/Project Remedium West Clinical stage pharma with immunotherapy drug platform. Prostate cancer is first indication. Beginning Phase IIb/III clinical trials
M&A Sellside 1672 Consumer / Retail Horticulture Equipment & Supplies Online Retailer/Project Alta West Sells equipment and supplies to both commercial and hobbyist cannabis cultivators. Non-plant touching. Unique media-driven strategy reduces CAC. $37.9M 2020F Rev. $2.9M 2020 EBITDA 32% YoY growth
M&A Sellside 1542 Aerospace & Defense / Government Services Engineering, Mtce., Repair & Overhaul (MRO) for Military Air Forces/Project Blue Southeast Provides engineering-centric solutions to US and foreign military air forces. Engineers, manufactures and repairs airframe parts solving mission-critical supply chain issues for fleet operations worldwide (both fixed wing and rotary). $25.0M 2019 Revs $11.2M 2019 EBITDA $25.5M 2020F Revs $9.9M 2020P EBITDA
M&A Sellside 1615 Technology / Media / Telecom Multi-Dwelling Unit Broadband Provider/Project Bandwidth Midwest Provider of broadband and cable to multi-dwelling units across seven states in the Midwest. Low churn. Long term contracts. ~10,000 PSUs $50.17 ARPU
Capital Raise Equity 1605 Healthcare Semiconductor and Electronics Manufacturer/Project Milliard Midwest Advanced product authentication technology for logistics and anti-counterfeiting measures; compatible with blockchain and Internet of Things. Potential for EBITDA > $100M over the next several years
Capital Raise Equity 1302 Healthcare Stroke Drug/Project Augur Israel Advance a proprietary intra-cranial hemorrhage (stroke) drug into clinical trials. Profitable biologics manufacturer